• L A U G H T E R

  1. No,no don't worry i am not going to say too much.????
  2. But didn't the title itself brought a smile on your face? It did. Admit it or not But The Word itself has the Power To Make you feel Good.
  3. The laugh itself has positivity in it.Did you notice it's "HAHAHA" and not "NaNaNa" Sounds funny i know :P
  4. But 'ha' stands for "yes" in hindi and yes is positivity.It's so positive that even doctors say that laughter can cure sadness & even depression.(atleast my doctor said :P)
  5. When we were small we used to laugh enough but now we don't and so it results depression or loneliness.
  6. "The trees look dull without greenary & life without laughter".
  7. So, lastly i would like to write a all time favourite joke so that your day becomes good
  8. Dude1:yesterday i went to a cafe and....
  9. Dude2: and then?
  10. d1:i was sitting and felt an urge to fart
  11. d2: then what you did?
  12. d1; i noticed there was loud music so i farted.everyone started staring at me strangely then i realised that there were earphones in my ears and the cafe was silent????
  13. So,Spread " hahaha" and not "nanana".
  14. BBye till next post Take care keep smiling.????