• Language equilibrium from barrier to biased

Language equilibrium from barrier to biased

1652, one thousand, six hundred and fifty-two,

It’s not just a number, its total amount of language spoken by Indian.

Indian constitution recognized a total of 22 languages as official.


In Gujarati, there is an old quote, every twelve miles, there will be a new dialect. A new language.

That’s how much versatile our country is. We cannot ignore the fact that there are millions of people who speak a language which we never heard of, which we don’t understand, they must have a great writer in it and great books too.


We cannot neglect the fact that we will face someone that does not understand our language.

It was not that difficult in past, as people understand the sentiment and value of our gesture.

They help us, whether they understand us or not. There is a sense of responsibility they had towards the outsider.



With technology which inching us closer every day, the barrier of language seems to disappear,

We have a common language now, social media. Almost every part of our country is one social network, sharing and learning about each other. Helping and getting help. But sometime there will be an exception.


A few days ago, there was a tweet surfaced on Twitter, about a girl abusing Gujarati. It was a common incident which fuel anger in her and then she barfed up on Twitter. She never knows she would face such a huge amount of hatred.


Now the question arises, are we that much intolerant that we cannot even take a joke? Or she is that much desperate to get attention?  Who knows? But that incident disrupts the equilibrium of social media. There were two sides. No one care to know the background stories they just gone with the flow.


My whole point of writing this was how biased we are. From that girl who accused the whole Gujarati's rather than one single person to us who send her hate message just because she misunderstood one person representing a whole community. 


From my point of few, both sides were wrong. You cannot abuse anyone on the social network, not a person and not a community. You cannot abuse an abuser; you cannot fight hatred with hate. You are representing not just yourself but your family, your town and your state too. Be responsible and stop the foolishness, just like Batman said, murdering a murderer won’t change the number of a murderer in the world. 

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