• Lets be together once again

Lets be together once again

Walking Through the busy street ,

I stare at every strangers face .

Seldom do i wish if it was someone i knew ,

Coz my heart always wanted it to be you .

Explored many citys and met many souls ,

But never found a pure heart like the one you owned.

Drenched in an ocean filled with emotions ,

I lay on the sand silently gazing stars .

Limitless the span of these hevenly bodies ,

You were my only brightest star .

Your lovely smile was the start of my day,

Your dreams were the sleepless nights.

Each and every moment that we had shared ,

Is now the treasure box of my life.

Positivity that you always spread,

Brightened souls a new awakening.

Quantum of Love that you always spread,

As if there was no tomorrow happening.

You left me for the rest of life ,

How do i tell that still I grieve.

You taught me how to dream with open eyes ,

But never dreamt , you not being besides.

Destiny was it meant to be dont know,

Life would had been much beautiful had you been along .

The Emotional bonding that we used to share,

Loved the way you used to care .

I truly wish from the bottom of my heart,

That life gives us a second chance ,

Lets be together once again,

To walk our life again hand in hand .