• Library


A place which houses books

and a lot of souls

because we are so done with humans

a library becomes our only abode,

The scent of new books is refreshing

and the various words and scribblings

on the old ones

where you want to underline a beautiful line

but smile instead

because someone else also found it so

and has marked it with a bright colour

just the way you wanted to.

Because books are our best friends

our source of escape

and take us to another land

the one which breeds happiness

there is no illusion there

no negativity

only love

and loads of it.

It is a reservoir

which never gets dry

but is only replenished

by words and more words

and if I could

I would spend my life at a library

because I love books

and they love me back

unlike humans

who knowingly or unknowingly

by accident or on purpose

abandon you


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