• Loneliness


Its really a mixed feeling when actually you are not happy but then also not sad too..this usually happen with me sometimes.. and I love that because when it happen I just close my eyes for sometimes and feel the most memorable moment of my life which happened with me ,and believe me thats really bring a smile on my face..and sometimes it bring tears also which bring me more closer to myself...


And when it happen I love to spend sometime with myself and go for a drive to top of the mountain to feel the fresh air and to spend some time with my loneliness who is my first best friend

I know this sound really funny..but sometimes you need someone with whom you can share what you are feeling inside and you want to burst it out and this is most suitable place where you can talk , cry ,smile with the sky ...because no one can be more close to you then yourself..

FB_IMG_1465379890471This all happened when you got so much hurt or you had expect lots from people but I believe this is the best stage where you learned so many things from life. And life taught you so much that it make you strong and practical towards life that you start loving this person in you.. and start loving your LONELINESS too.

This is all my inner feeling which I am sharing for the first time with you all... woh kehte hai na dostin tho haazoron se hoti hai par sachi dosti tho apne aap se hoti hai .. feeling happy to meet myself after so many years.. time for a new beginning in life with a new motto..