• "Love is weak"

"Love is weak"

"Love betrays"

Here it goes...an average looking boy and a beautiful girl came to know each other from no where in a tution class..it wasn't love at first sight for him it was an attraction and obviously u cnt stop a boy to feel that thing when a beautiful girl is in front of him...he stayed silent for quite sometime he was eager to talk to her to be friends with her but he never tried once he did and the girl said yes for friends..he was very happy at the moment but he never knew that happiness will bring him to some of the saddest day of his life....they start talking and chatting in their own ways and the ways was by writing a letters and by sharing a notepad files it was fun to talk like that for him and maybe for her, it was a unique way and i am sure she will forget everything but not that letter he made for her..and it goes for quite a long time and he fall in love with that girl..he never had any bad intention for that girl he just wanted to be with her for most of his time it was a great feeling for him by just looking at her, a feeling u can never feel until u are in that situation,but for her he was just a time pass but i must say that girl is very good at playing with someone's feelings..one day he proposed to her and she said yes! For him it was the best day of his life but still he wasn't in love with her the purpose of him to be in relationship was just that he can get more time with her..they continued through lots and lots of memories in between some of that days he fall in love a real love which is still going on until this day...he started being possessive and overprotective to her cz he dnt want to loose her but she took it other way and they broke up very quickly....but somehow in his heart he knows she will be back and she did..they started again with some conditions that "she needs some space amd privacy" he agreed and he is still agreeing to whatever she says because he dnt want to loose her...but he never knew that space and privacy she asked was a way for her to play with his feelings..she keep on playing he keeps on being a fool..one day he came to know that she is having other boyfriend..he was mad he talked and they came to a solution that she will end her relationship with other guy and as i said the boy will always agree to what she says..he agreed and they continued but the other guy wasn't ready to leave her..so the boy stood in front of him to fight with him to get her..in that age it's not normal for a boy who never been to things like this but still he stood in front of many to take her part cz he was in love! That thing ended with a memory that other guy finally tired and left her..boy thought it's done now he will be happy with her but god has worse then that for him Time flies they had many fights many breakups but always he bowed down to her and tried to save their relationship and she also agreed because for her it was just a time pass everytime ‚ He was in love and love is blind people say and ya it is blind I agree!

The new chapter begins they finally broke up for months and he flew away from his country for studies but the memories didn't..he thought it's the end she is finally gone but he still wants her, he was seeking for a chance to talk to her but how can he? She blocked him all over because she got someone new someone new to be with as it was just timepass for her it doesn't matter to her..but one day she came to his life again..he still dnt know why she did that why she came back..when she came back the boy was with a girl already, the girl who loved him and supported him but as soon as she appeared in his life again..without a second thought he broke up with her and started being with the her...they again got into relationship and again all memories all moment was alive but who knows that was just for a while ..this time she played well she was cheating him since the day she started relationship with him again..she was with other boy there but she told she love me..the boy never knew that she was cheating..he was happy again for sometime, in his phone the best notification was "A message form her" they shared many good memories throughout that time also now they started making videos on their monthasary a unique again..for his it was feelings it was love for her it was time pass all throughout it..i still remember the day they broke up again was just on the 3rd monthasary of their new relationship..the boy knew about the other guy and asked her and she clearly said "YES I AM IN RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM"

that hurt's right?

They broke up..he broke up with a wound in his heart that he got cheated by some other boy..she broke up with a relif "he is gone finally" i never knew if she was in relationship why she started a relationship with me? Question goes to you..all girl are like this?

Agian he was in pain he tried everything to forget her and the only way to forget something is keep yourself busy in other things..he was single for sometime then other girl cam into his life as a friend, he didn't want a relationship but he thought by being in a relationship will make it easy to forget his first love..so he started with that girl..if only i can explain how that girl was to that boy, she loved him she cared for him..she was happy like i was happy with my first love! They spent lots of times more than half of the year together..but for him,he never felt a thing for her he was still in memories and pain....and somehow he got a chance to talk to her,his first love..they started chatting again and the boy is fool he started developing  feelings again and that feelings made him to broke up with that girl without any reason..i bet that girl will never forgive me and will hate me for her entire life..but as i said before "love is blind" she is gone now! They both continued this time the girl seems serious to him..and the boy thought finally god listened to him and gave her back..he was happy! But "a flood won't give u warning "..for her it was another time pass for her vacation days..they made some more memories together...some more memories for him for rest of his...but again she cheated on him again with the same lines


A question to you again..."does girls have feelings?"

Anyway, He is still trying to get her and he will try but she will never go back to him,he knows that but still he is trying..i told u


"love is blind"


She was happiness to him she was a smile to him..the words cnt explain how happy she made him during all this but the pain she gave him is way much more than that happiness "love hurts"


Finally they are going to be separate..because boy promised his self that this is the last chance for him to get her if he failed he won't try again! But at some corner of his heart he thinks he will!


He did sacrifices for her, he did effort for her, he did everything to make her happy, and the reason for all brekup is just "she never tried to love him" she never stayed honest to him...and now at the end, He has memories only memories that will hurt him and make him smile for the rest of his life and she has happiness! At least she is happy with someone:')


"Fall in love with souls not faces"


all he will remember is he made himself fool for the girl who will never gave a shit about him but still ok with him at least he tried!

There are so many things to tell what he did for her but it's better to keep it with him because that's all he has now..memories and his efforts :')


"She gave me so many smiles that i built a forest out of them,

each smile was rooted to a memory that belonged to us. But all it took was a small spark of dishonesty to burn my forest down to nothing but ashes!"


"World is small" they will meet someday again with nothing but memories and regrets!