• Man, trash and all...

Man, trash and all...


No i do not agree with " all men are trash" because I know the difference between a man and a monster. I do not agree with this because I have seen my father doing every bit to make me happy . I do not agree with this because I have seen my brother doing his best to keep me safe . I do not agree with this because i have seen my male best friends trying their best to support and protect me.

But to some "men", 
    Pls understand my father my brother my best friend my boy friend can not be around me all the time to keep me "safe" . When you see me in the street as your "treat" they can not be there to protect me all the time. In 2019 WHY  I have to think twice before going out? In 2019 why my parents have to warn me to come home before 8? Why in 2019 i have no rights to wear the dress I want ? Why in 2019 i can not go out without any fear?

Beacuse my parents know if they let her daughter stay out for late night they might never see her again .  because i may come back home in ashes.  No that dress I wear is not short but your thinking is . We have been saying this since ages and you have been proving it , too.

If you can not hear one word against your sister why you do not you think that girl you just raped was someone's sister too. If you can not see your mother crying why do not  you think that girl you just burnt alive was someone's daughter. If your mother is mother to you if your sister is sister to you then what do you think the girl you raped just now is made of something else?

Heard a youtuber saying " we are not even safe in social media's inbox" and couldn't agree more. When you are a girl the questions you are being asked on SM are 
"are you single?"
"can I get your number ?"
" send me a pic"
And when you do not reply they come up with something worst sometimes. But leave it . we will report and block. But in real life? How am I supposed to block that look of yours in train which rip me apart? How Am I supposed to block that touch of yours in my back on that metro which did not let me sleep for days?

It is not the way we dress. It is not the saree the kurta the burkha or the skirt. It is your mind which is sick. Because you did not even spare the one who was just 6 months old no?

Years passing. We are talking about equality. Even we are proving it. But we will be never able to beat some "men" in some things. For example we will never be able to undress a guy who is walking alone in the street. For example we will never try to beat you in burning someome alive after "eating" them . We will never throw acid on a guy's face if he rejects the proposal. We will never be able to beat such qualities and we do not want to.

Years passing. We are " developing" . Also , there are lakhs of "us" getting killed raped murdered daily. We are developing but still we are being judged while going out with our male friends. Developing but we are still afraid to walk alone. Because who knows? there are monsters waiting for us? Who knows we can be in headlines at any moment.

No i do not agree with " all men are trash" . I just hope God creates more men like my father like my brother or like my friend. Beacuse  we do not want the future to get worst . We do not want more burnt bodies. We do not want more Nirbhayas. We do not want more monsters. We do not want more political judgements. We are not asking you to "respect" us . Just be a human. That will be enough.  

There is a question which always kills me. If and "underage" can be bold enough to undress an alone helpless woman. If he can throw acid on her face . If he can burn her alive . Why we care he is an "underage" or not??
Things need to change. System needs to change. Rapist does not care it is a six month old baby or a 60 years old granny.  If the right justice is not given in the right time things will be worst.  We will be ashamed to call ourself " HUMAN " .  

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