• #MeToo: Four times! Forever...

#MeToo: Four times! Forever...

Fyi, the #MeToo is not all about women being sexually assaulted, harassed or other way. Some men have also faced it or been through worse than anything and I’m one of them. 


It’s going to be a very difficult post for me. Here’s the timeline: 

At 7, I was physically harassed, made me naked and bullied by neighbor friends (4-5 yrs elder to me) because I lost a bloody trump card game. 

At 8, I was blackmailed by the same guy who harassed and tried to fuck me over. Somehow, I escaped by requesting him and he threatened me if I tell anyone, he’ll fuck me next time. Never saw him again, never told anyone. I was a kid and threatened. 

At 10, I was raped by an uncle when I was home alone. He was my father’s friend. Threatened me with a knife if I tell anybody. Papa se darta tha. Maa ko kaise samjhata.  Scared and alone. 

At 13, same uncle, same thing happened. Forced and slapped when I said NO. He had put cotton in my mouth. Almost dead and the bleeded ass. 

At 14, same uncle, forced me to give blowjob. A neighbor aunty knocked the door which helped me to escape the situation. 

At 14.5, blackmailing guy and his friend came back into my life, they were 20 something back then, blackmailed me again - that they’ll  tell my parents about my childhood acts. Groped by his friend and raped by the blackmailer. 

Till 15, where all the beautiful childhood lies for everyone, I’ve been raped, tortured, assaulted, blackmailed, harassed and what not. 

Affected my childhood. Affected my education. Affected my good friendships. Affected my life - which ruined my ability to speak up for my own things(shits). 

Never tried to kill myself but wanted to kill them. Never spoke to anyone about it in my teens. Told my mother after a child abuse episode of Satyamev Jayate- which actually gave me courage to speak about it. She actually slapped me for not telling her anything about it back then. She cried alone, nights by nights. She couldn’t help it - I was 21 and the past was horrendous.

A girl got harassed by our classmate when I was 16. I actually put his life on stake and broke his 4 teeths. It was the first time when I got closed to a female. A good start to my life. She wasn’t my crush but she was love - a good friend indeed who taught me a lot about women, their sacrifices, their struggles, their face-offs etc. 

I felt every bit of pain a woman go through in her life. Without menstruation, I was also bleeded. Without breasts, I was also sucked. Without vagina, I was also harassed. 

I’ve not lived a normal guy’s life but a woman’s life. Instincts have become that much strong that even a “hello” can tell me what the other person is upto. I sense it very well. 


 I have never disrespected a woman whomever I met. My jokes might be lame or disgusting for them but mazak mein bhi kabhi haath tak nahi lagaya ladki ko. 

Friend gesture mein hamesha side hug hi kiya. Maximum times, Hi-fives given. No bad touch ever. Human body ko konsa touch bura lag jaaye ye humans ko nahin pata hota. 


Nutshell, not only women, respect entire humanity. Just for your feels, don’t let someone dies, from their mind to their life. 



1. blackmailer guy broke his leg in 2009 in an accident. Still in bed since then. ✌????

2. Bkl uncle died on 23-05-2014. Bestest day of my life. ????????

3. That female friend is in IAF and we are still best friends. :’) 

PPS: #MeToo suffered and I am a Man. Hiding the identity by choice.