New Year Jitters


2017 gone with some blurry images, good deeds, and memories.

New year have touched down by now

Still, I m confused what to do next

to make something appealing

For my own good.


Umpteenth resolutions were made

to follow on

Numerous Ideas popped out 

still confused which one to choose on.

I am standing on a horizon 

where there is no end to meet.


One month post new year has gone

still no conclusion I am able  to found

Is this year also will go like every other year

 or I will be able to do something in short span of time.

questions are a lot 

answers are still needed to find.

that's why I m getting stressed 

this way the New Year is giving me jitters.

All the time.


Changes are part and parcel of time

have to move on 

leaving many people behind

maybe my friends or my enemy

 but one thing will always be constant

me, myself and my own identity

New Year may bug me 

but can't afford to stop me.

that's how New Year giving me jitters 

All the time.