• One Day, We Will Miss Our Teacher- Happy Teachers Day!!

One Day, We Will Miss Our Teacher- Happy Teachers Day!!

One day many modernites would be staying at some place doing some business/job holding a degree from some college.

One day he/she might remember his/her teenage days, all the fun they had, all compliments, each moment that would bring happiness. But does someone remember the guidance the teacher provided to them, does someone remember the fun they had reaching to their respective classes on time from the playground?

Does someone remember the work teacher put behind for our future, their effort in the extra classes for board exams? The W.E classes were fun to be in the early stages of schooling, later some found their passion in music and arts; The teachers guiding with such illuminati was astonishing. Being in the playgrounds playing their favorite sport was a dream-actual situation, for the students; and later some found their passion in sports, though there were teachers guiding the passion towards good direction.

And some had interest to study the books and gain practical knowledge through work, and there were teachers to guide them, support them and teach them. Teachers are our second parents. They taught us discipline, manners, to be practical and many more teachings; and many say that

“What they (students) are today simply because of their teachers”.

Someway from being beaten up through sticks and late submission of homework’s, we (students) all learned so many principle. When we take a look back we may laugh on how we made a teacher frustrate because of our in-between talks, we find fun in remembering the screaming of teachers; but we all respected from inside of our heart. And now all of us want our schooldays back , just because we loved our teachers more than our school. Such was our connection.

Thank you!!!!