Dear YOU,

Let’s talk about Beauty.


Many of us strive to be beautiful. Pretty. Handsome. Don’t we all?

Everything has to be “perfect”. ‘Cause only perfection can lead to beauty, or so our society says. (Let’s save the topic of perfection for another day.)

But have you ever wondered that even if you are imperfect, eternally and inevitably flawed, you are still beautiful? No?

Well, you are.

Don’t believe me? Then let’s take this for an example.

Imagine you’re enjoying a perfect sunny day ‘cause the past several days have been soggy and cold, so now you feel like getting a nice tan.

Suddenly, clouds come floating in and cover the sun.

Irritable, right?

Oh and one more thing, YOU are those clouds here. (Harsh reality).

So why are you short-sighted and fail to understand that those clouds not bring misery or tornados in the sky but add colour to your sunset sky?

YOU add colour to your life and make it happen.

No matter who “you” are, dark/ fair/ skinny/ fat/ tall/ short/ patchy skin tone/ too bold texture/ toothless/ bald/ scarred—DOESN’T MATTER because it is you and you are beautiful.

Then why strive to be like someone else who is in their own right uniquely beautiful? Ponder over these questions and you'll get your answers.

Because not all of us love the sun and its gentle perfection, the clouds in all their shapes and form do appeal to the many of us. And some of us do love the storms and its dangerous beauty. Mess is what some of us live for and  the "perfect beauty" has not always been our forte.



Perfectly flawed beauty.