• Pay your bills instantly using BHARAT BILLPAY

Pay your bills instantly using BHARAT BILLPAY

Digital India, these words rhyme like poetry in every Indian heart, but are we really digitalized?

The digitalization of a country doesn’t mean spending the whole day surfing on the web and on the other hand standing at big lines at various portals to pay the bills. For me, digital India is the one where I can sleep on my bed, read a book, buy the same book online. Switch on the lights, air conditioners and also pay the electricity bill of the same with just a few clicks.

With the modern approach to digital India came Bharat BillPay as a savior of time and energy - Empowering growth of the physical retail network, where we can pay all our bills online safely and securely.

Bharat BillPay is an EcosystemConceptualised Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) and executed by National Payments Corporation Of India (NPCI)

“Sit at one place and get your works done in few clicks is Digital India.”


Steps to pay the bill with BHARAT BILLPAY –

1. Connect to Bharat BillPay both banks and non-banks embedded accounts can connect. Click on Bharat BillPay

2. Click on BBPS/Bill Pay/ Bill Payment Option.

3.  Select the type of utility bill that you want to pay.

4.   Enter the details from your bill form.

5.   The details will be verified and then make the payment.

6.   After the payment you will get the official Bharat BillPay bill paying receipt.


Why you should use BHARAT BILLPAY?

-BharatBillPay is an online instant bill paying facility so it will save time and energy.

-It is an environmentally friendly method to pay the bills and contributes in the reduction of global warming in a country with a population of 121 crores.

-It is safe and secured as it is approved by RBI.

-We can select various platforms banking and non - banking to make the payments like Paytm wallet, Internet banking, PhonePe etc. To know about the list of channels that facilitates the service to pay the bills on Bharat BillPay visit the link - Digital Channels enabled to Bharat BillPay

-The different utility bills that we can pay on Bharat BillPay are Water, electricity, Gas- pipeline, DTH and Telecom services. These are recurring bills and need to be paid on time, so in the hustle bustle of life, Bharat BillPay comes as a last minute savior and makes our tedious life easy.

-The transaction charges are NIL when we make the payment with our bank’s app and we can also enjoy cash back many times if we make the payments via Paytm, PhonePe, and other mobile banking wallets.


Bharat BillPay is up-to-the-minute approach to digitalization. It is making our life relaxed, time equivalent and eco-friendly.

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