• Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts

Life is tough, I know it. But not always it will be.
Today the weather is stormy , but soon it will be pleasant, little sunny, with the sweet smell of rain.
After winters, summer will come. Nothing is permanent.
I will wait for that weather. I will never lose hope.
I am positive, I am powerful, I am unique.
There was nobody like me, and never will anybody be like me.
Even when nobody seems to be supporting me, God is always there with me. He will never leave me alone, as I am his child, his special child, and he loves me.
I am born to be a winner, or, no! I am already a winner. I have all the blessings in the world; a good family, a good shelter, good friends, a healthy body and mind. Then, why do I worry?
Life comes only once. I will value it, and will value those people who are special to me.
Will love myself, and will love everyone. Will smile, and spread smiles everywhere. This will make me feel even better.
Will love and help the people in need, selflessly and if I can make the life of even a few persons better, I will be satisfied and the purpose of my life will be fulfilled.
God bless me and everyone!