• Rakhi


So the rakhi is near, girls are purchasing rakhis to tie them on hands of their brothers and boys are planning for gifts too for their sister. How much happy moment it is when your sister is tying rakhi on your hand and you give him a silent promise that you will protect her forever. Beautiful festival it is, is not it?


Well my point starts from here, we do a silent promise to our sister that we will protect her and we will support her always. But many brother  from us forget that like our sisters a random girl is sister of someone else too.


In india, in every minutes a girl is TRAFFICKED into SEXUAL SLAVERY only 1% of these girls are ever rescued. As per a report of 2014 india is in 4th no. in list of rapist countries.

Daily basis molestation cases, comments passing on girls. it is daily routine of some boys because we love our sisters. J

Bro you need to understand that like your sister she is sister of someone else too! Passing comments on a girl, throwing acid on her face, pushing her from back in metro does not make you a man.


At last I just want to say don’t be a jerk be a man.


Thank you

Happy Rakhi.