• Releasing a baby turtle in Bali- An euphoric moment

Releasing a baby turtle in Bali- An euphoric moment


All travel experiences leave you with memories to cherish forever. The memory that would remain etched in my mind is my recent trip to Bali where I contributed (Atleast I think so) to the marine life by releasing a baby turtle in the ocean. That joyous feeling cannot be expressed in words. The crowd cheers, the waves lash and the babies slowly make their first plunge. When those little things crawl towards the water and the enormous ocean waves take them in, it feels like a moment of euphoria. This is Bali Sea Turtle Society in Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia. 


 As a part of the mission to save marine life, the Sea Turtle Society has taken this wonderful initiative to breed turtles. What could be so noble than this? The society is a group of activists and marine life specialists who have recognized turtles as very important part of aquatic life. They breed turtles in controlled environment, protect the eggs and conserve the baby turtles. The little ones are sheltered in one place till they are few days old and ready to be released in water. Tourists are encouraged to participate in the release activity that happens every day at Kuta Beach at 4 pm. This is a free activity for everyone. 
I had visited the Bali Sea Turtle Society a day in advance to have a glimpse and speak to the people who organize it. The gentleman of the organizing board asked us to visit the place next day at 4 pm. While we made it to the beach the next on time, a huge crowd had gathered around the society office. So much is the popularity of this event, that tourists and locals thong the place in thousands each day.