• Review of 'Had Thai Gai'

Review of 'Had Thai Gai'

A story of one night "HAD THAI GAI"

"HAD THAI GAI" a film which is directed by Hirdeshh K alias Hirdesh Kamble is a simple and social film , So you have to go and watch it once. It conveys the good social message to our Society.

Nowaday's young generation wants to marry their loved once with their own priorities. But when the family and society does not allow then they take the wrong steps against the family and society. In this story there is a daughter of a  Wellknown Judge  (Riya Gor) who takes that wrong steps for her love and leaves the house one  night.  On the way she meets one Ruffian whose has a eyes on her bag . After that her Boyfriend rejects her and now She is puzzled and thinks where to go now. 

One police Inspector (Zalak Patel)  in the disguise of tapori is always there for her whenever She is in Trouble. But they both fight a lot. therefore she leaves him and runs away.

What is in the bag? Why police is chasing  Gangsters? Is there any mystery in all this incidents?

The film and the songs has been given South Indian touch. In this film there is comedy and emotions too. Zalak Patel's performance in the film is notable. He is look alike of Shreyas Talpade.  Girls will surely like him very much for his personality. The language of the film is Surati and Entirely film is shot in Surat. So  Surati people are more Enjoying the film.

Gokul Baraiya as a Boy Friend, Hitesh Chavda as a Ruffian and Riya Gor has acted very well. Yamini Joshi and Rajul Diwan as a Parents has acted well as worried Parents who wants to get their Daughter married to a suitable guy. As a Havaldar Veeraj Solanki makes everybody Laughs in a brief role. Rohan Thakkar as Inspector looks mature.

Film is made in a simple way so that people will understand easily and has attracted people successfully. Dialogues  by Manoj Pandey are effective as it gives the message in a right way. Cinematography by Mukesh Sharma is Eye Pleasing. This film not just gives Social Message , it also talks about Indian Tradition Values also.  (Excluding awesome Item Song)

Every Parents should see this movie with their young daughter and son. I would like to give  ratings to this film but I  wish that the people who lose everything for momentary love, and the parents who becomes blind for their Childs love, Teachers and Principals of Schools will rate this movie. Thanks to Hirdeshh K for making and giving such an amazing one night story.