• Scared Short Stories

Scared Short Stories

Cloth of velvet, cloth of slik; they gifted her every one of them. Most of the time these clothes had no use for her body, a body that would lay bare; after all she was a wealthy mistress, a whore, who would sleep with wealthy noble men, men who were noble only on the outside, while behind the closed doors they set their evil stray!

She had marks all over her body, her lips had torn and were bleeding, she laid there lifeless, yet she wasn't shocked, after all this the the life she had always known! She told not anyone about her pain, she took in customers without complaint, she welcomed them with a smiled, she thought it was the way life's going to be.

She had never been in love, never touched with love. Life was about to change forever, for she was about to meet a man, who would make her feel love, make her feel differently, make her life a living hell; for this man will teach her to fight, he would teach her to raise her voice, he would make her fall for him, while he would leave him forever aftre confessing his love for her; as he would die in her arms!