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Send Nudes
we are living in the time of miracle and magic, not like in fantasy movie or book, but scientifically, creating new tech which is helping more and more people every day to live and connect with each other, just today, when I was watching the news, I saw Nobel prize winner of 2017. their great contribution to the world earns them recognition.
that was looking at the sky and wishing for greater future, now when I look down to problem at hand, it felt like we are still living in dark ages, rape, eve teasing, political blunders, stampede, controversy. when you open your newspaper, all the big news are hidden under the click bait type and awful tragedies, making it look like a certain parties propaganda or societies fault.
just yesterday, I came across a tweet which makes me thinking and inspired this post, as I was talking about looking down, girls on social networks are getting targeted by unworthy scums of the earth. sending creepy messages, trying to stalk every movement of them and if they got one reply, they got clingy and ask her to Send nudes.
yes, don't be surprised, not only with beautiful girls but every forward thinker or open-minded, friendly nature girl felt that abuse, once or many time till now. spamming their inbox with text which is even unworthy of words, abusive pictures and sometimes closes up of their private parts.
problem is not who, its why? if a girl simply replied to you mean she is willing to trust you and reply to you nicely as a courtesy follows, and wish to get same response vice-versa. not because she is interested in you, she is crazy for you and willing to do any unsavory act you fantasied in your alone time.
that tweet, which was going viral, was girls asking for nudes, some girl started that by "send your hot pictures" and then few girls follow them by tweeting, "send nudes". no, they were not nymphomaniac or bitches. they were nice and sophisticated human being with a taste of flaming nature. they were posting this to send a message or maybe having fun.
for me, it was a hard-hitting, slap on the face and kick on the groin type of message to all the pervert who ask for nude in the inbox. if you can go so low as insect slopping around the shit, we can be like you and show you the mirror.
be decent, be normal, be humane to everyone. we know you have our urges, everyone does, but don't be a douchebag and act inapposite to a girl. they can be insulting and harmful to your reputation.