• Shopping in Ahmedabad: Walk, Bargain and Shop

Shopping in Ahmedabad: Walk, Bargain and Shop

Ahmedabad is the place everyone wants to live but no one wants to pay the rent, just kidding. It’s one place in whole Gujarat where you can find all types of people, every cast, religion, state, nationality, and color. For some people is a place for business and for some is just excuse to shop. So one might wonder where to go shopping in Ahmedabad?

First of all, I am living here for more than 3 years but yet there is still someplace I want to visit. This city is expanding exponentially. Once sarkhej was deserted place and now it’s the last stop for the buses and if you went further to the nearest village, you can still get dominos pizza. On the other side, Vaishnav Devi temple is not the end of Ahmedabad. So what I mean is, it’s a very big place.

The first rule of shopping in Ahmedabad, learn to bargain. They will eat you alive and spit you like a fly you are. They will sell you rubbish at the rate of ruby. It doesn’t mean they are biased to the outsider, its mean they are just the way it is.

Take the example of Lal Darvaja, you know there is a place where there is no lal darvaja(red door), but rather than many doors and its not just simple tiny doors like at your home, it’s like made for the Optimus prime to enter. This place has everything you want to buy. If you are looking for alcohol and ammunition than my answer for it in according to the manner, wrong state and wrong country.

Dhalgarwad is the place where you want to be if you want to buy clothes or want to buy clothes and donate to the whole country of Bangladesh, trust me, they can provide in that quantity too. you can see shops on both sides, one after another on a never-ending road. Well, its end but you just need to turn around at every corner. People came here to buy clothes for their marriage and if you don’t want to be the one guy who becomes the butt of the jokes for shopkeeper’s tea time conference, make sure to bargain.

That the old Ahmedabad. You know, old place, the reason why Ahmedabad is the first heritage city in India and to take heritage photo walk.  But when you are a girl or traveling with a girl(may God have mercy on your bank account), they will surely notice the pretty dress at law garden. Yes, it's like heaven for the girls who are into traditional dresses or even dresses (I don’t know the difference between any I don’t know much about those dresses). But you have to bargain your way of it.

And how can I forget all the bookworms, the nerds, scholars, daydreamer, people who live and breathe books. You can have the time of your life at Fernandes Bridge. It’s the place where you can find all kind of books, second hand too.  you can buy books which are just recently launched at the price of pav bhaji(low-cost pav bhaji). I have been there and trust me, you would love it.

If you don’t believe in walking around in heat of the sun, in a crowd or don’t like bargaining, you can visit the malls. The Alpha Mall is the place I go in summer, not to shop of course. Also, CG road has all kind of shops.

So summer is coming (you see, like winter is coming, no? stupid people) and so does the vacation, so plan your trip to Ahmedabad. You not only enjoy shopping in Ahmedabad but eating too. Remember the Lal darvaja, just there, Manek Chowk, you can call it a place for food Valhalla(paradise, really, never even watched Viking or thor). So enjoy your stay at Ahmedabad.