• Strangers


Let us start from scratch

Once again.

When you didn't know me

And I didn't know you

When we tried talking,

But the efforts were in vain

Let us be strangers

Once again.

When you asked my name

And I tried knowing yours

Let us talk about our childhood

Walking in the lane,

Let us be stranges

Once again.

Let us once again go through

That precious feeling

When we talked about

The things we love

And the things we loathe

When from head to toe

We were drenched in rain,

Let us be strangers 

Once again.

Let us tell each other

That we are in love

And not believe it

Laugh it away

But ponder over it,

All the same.

Let us be strangers

Once again.

Let us re feel that familiarity

Reserved for outsiders alone

Skip that seperation

And the resulting pain

Let us be strangers

Once again.

Let us together see a dream

Amidst daylight,

Let me talk about

How I want you to be my knight,

How you wish me to be your dame.

After this new beginning,

Will we have anything to gain?

Will you be a stranger to me,

Once again?