• The Battle of Universe

The Battle of Universe

The universe set up the stage,

the warriors resting in the cage.

the owl announced the battle,

something unheard ,unwise rattle.

battle for the life and death,

battle for the win and loss.

batlle to be with pride,

battle to be little slide.

defeat lead to the banish,

winner to be full of lavish.

the game began with the rush,

oops did someone forget to brush?.

oh that samurai has charming face,

and what !golem hit him with effortless grace.

liitle valkyrie got the killer look.,

and already became a crazy crook.

The witch with the dark magic,

taken by the skeletons in tragic.

spells to be boiled all around,

look that knight with awesome crowned.

The war not seems to be end ,

and there's no way to be bend.

the alarm made me to rise,

and yeah that pain .,oh my eyes.!!!