• The Dark Knight : when Unstoppable force meets an immovable object

The Dark Knight : when Unstoppable force meets an immovable object

There was a time when I hate batman from my guts, I think it’s because I didn’t like those movies in past but I love those cartoon about him. But then in 2008, comes The Dark Knight and change my perception and whole Hollywood raise the bar little higher.


It's happened to all of us but let me tell you again, did you watch a single movie more than few times?

Like a dozen or so? I have watched it 100 times and even on 100th time this movie moves me and shakes me from the core.


The Dark Knight was the pinnacle in super hero movies, something which contains same drama, same nail biting suspense but no super power. And I think we need to understand this, a super power is something which can give you an edge over your opponents but it’s not realistic. Most furious fights were fought with mind and ability to make best of the surrounding. That makes an audience be part of it.


Start with a robbery scene when every goon wearing joker mask, asking and whispering that where is the boss? Where is the Joker? Why does he wear a mask? Only soon they betrayed each other because joker told him to and then there was last man standing. The crown prince of chaos, the Joker himself.


Joker was played by late Heath Ledger, a guy who was mostly overlooked and under rated until broke bake mountain, but when he was cast as Joker, the whole world was stunned, how can he be Joker? While everyone was bashing him and trolling him, he isolated himself in a room with book “man who laughs” and created a devil, a character which is so terrifying and complex that it was a benchmark in the history of Hollywood.


The unpredictable megalomaniac joker give an offer to all the mob bosses of Gotham to hire him and kill Batman, surrounded by most dangerous criminal, he laughs on them, call them coward and unworthy of power, and just when all the gun pulls out and aims at him, he shows bunch of grenades attached to his jacket, no fear of dying, its show that he is totally insane and how far he can go to prove his point.


And what was the point? To show Gotham true color of Batman, that he is just same as everyone else, the joker was not just bats shit crazy, he was the master mind but always refer himself as a dog chasing a car, without purpose.


On the other side, Batman, is the man with the principle and firm jaw breaking fist, he stands on his own rules and delivers justice by himself, criminals get frightened like a ferret who see the shadow of an eagle. Surrounded by the mystified Aurora of darkness and fear, Batman has created physiological terror on the mob of Gotham city.


Christopher Nolan has created a movie where the protagonist was not a hero but a vigilante, people don’t love him and cheer for him, they blame him.  And Joker is not just a villain but an idea, something so extraordinary and terrifying, and when Nolan put them face to face, it’s like

Unstoppable force meets an immovable object.


The Joker knows where to hit batman, where it would be hurt the hardest, his rule of not killing and joker won’t stop until he proves himself to be must kill. If Batman doesn't kill Joker, he will spread chaos and keep hurting him, if he kills Joker, Joker win. Joker put Batman in situation where he can’t use his power or his gadgets, like when he kidnaps Rachel and Harvey, and deliberately swap address to see his weakness, if Batman save Harvey, he wants justice in Gotham, if he save Rachel, he is just common man who doesn't care about anything else but just loved one and Batman does the same, but Joker has given him wrong address and he found Harvey.


Same as he gives choice to the people on a ferry to blow another ferry or die. A moral choice, to sacrifice yourself for the greater good or be selfish and live another day.


Even in the end, when Batman caught him and fighting with him, he said

You didn't think I'd risk losing the battle for Gotham's soul in a fistfight with you? No. You need an ace in the hole. Mine's Harvey.”


He knows that he can’t win from Batman but he can corrupt one of them to break all of them. In the end, I would say joker win and Batman realize that if Joker wins, no one will believe in law and justice.


When you watch this movie, you can feel the largeness and greatness of every single scene, the turning of a vehicle, the flapping sound of Batman's cap, the gruesome laugh of the Joker when he says “why so serious”. Christopher Nolan’s epic super hero movie is not just a feast for the eyes but always a pleasure for ears too. My favorite Hans Zimmer was music director and he created something mesmerizing and ground breaking music for this.