• The Forbidden Women

The Forbidden Women

Like every other girl even I had some dreams,

Mom lost her battle to cancer at a very young age.

A drunkard father who didn't bother if I ate or not.

And I was left alone with my life to figure out .


It was a distant uncle who taught a lesson of life,

My body can be a money minting mine.

At first I didn't understand what it meant ,

Later in a dark room my first chapter unfolds.

A body dreanched in sweat and blood from here and there,

I was left shattered with some worn-out notes over my naked body,

I didn't know what had happened

But he told me this was how its gonna be.


Strangers then visited me at anytime,

Even I couldnt figure out if it was day or night.

A stinking room with a very dim light ,

And that was my world whole my life .


Two Lovely kids that I have ,

I don't know who their father is

But I'm their mother and that is a truth atleast .

I need to feed my children and they should study ,

And Money was needed for everything .


A Lipstick with a dash of Red,

And a saree neatly draped around .

Being Presentable to find takers ,

Else me and kids will starve to death.


Who will give a decent job to such a lady,

who sells her body to meet her daily needs.

Its this society who made me like this,

And I didnt have any other option atleast .


My daughter should not choose my path,

Son should know this is not how life should be,

They need to stand on their own feet,

Fearless of how hard the life would be .


NGOs then coming up to rehabilitate my body ,

What about the soul that I have already lost .

When my clothes were ripped apart ,

And I was just a victim of someones lust.


Decades passed by and now hair is grey,

Sacrifices and sufferings all it ends.

I had dreamed of becoming a doctor someday

And here I'm nursing my scars that this life has spared for me.

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