• The Good life at The Belvedere Golf and Country Club

The Good life at The Belvedere Golf and Country Club

"The Boys and Girls Club taught me a lot about sportsmanship, humility, self-respect." -Junior Seau

When We read these lines by Junior Seau, We recall the importance of being a member of a club, the way it adds energy to our boring life by its activities, a good friend circle and lots of fun and parties planned for every weekend, We feel energized, healthy and also support everyone to be a member of a club.   

The Good Life at The Belvedere Golf and Country Club -

The Belvedere Golf and Country Club is a luxury clubhouse that promotes the playing of the game Golf, partying and hanging out with friends and family for the craving of peacetime in one’s life; in one-word entirety at one place. The club is located at a dominant location Adani Shantigram which is also a landmark place of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Recently the club was also the venue partner for the F&I Fashion Show by INIFD Gandhinagar and did around concept show at the event.

The Belvedere Golf and Country Club comprises of Gym, spa, outdoor games area, swimming pool and deck area, premium residential rooms, play pray shop stop, restaurants, cafes, business center, indoor games & entertainment corners. So the club also suits to be a perfect place for a weekend breakout among the resort rooms with the whole kit and caboodle at one place for the members of the club.

The club says that if you are a member of our club you are one of the exceptional chosen ones who deserve to delight in the life in the lapse of mother nature, the club’s energy is very contagious it will bring positivity to your life and remind you to live life to the fullest by partying and playing and eating and staying healthy.

More about the Belvedere Golf Club membership -

The club is a 9 hole par 36 Golf course. The club is 80% open area with around 50,000 trees which means a good source of fresh air and oxygen appropriate for breathing and yoga, there are family membership, corporate membership and NRI membership at the club.

Apart from this, all the club is also a place for dream destination weddings and corporate retreats where a person doesn’t get bored of working and the wedding fantasies become good memories for the lifetime.

So next time If I hang out at or around Ahmedabad for me the best way to enjoy a day and call it worth a day enjoyed to the fullest location will be Belvedere Golf And Country club, The club also brings together so many events on occasion like MakerSaktanti, Holi, Diwali and other festivities with a lot of folks get organised at one place, this makes us want to experience the place once in a lifetime for sure, We are adding stay at the Belvedere Golf Club trip in our bucket list.

We the INIFD team always appreciate the efforts of the club in upbringing the club so nicely that it adds beauty to our life, it is centrally located so it is our first choice to organize our events so that it is convenient for everyone to attend and relish. You're hosting the F&I Fashion Show by INIFD Gandhinagar for the second time was proven to be a helping hand in our event, the round concept show is still memorized by us all, thank you and keep flying high, we love being at your home and feel like our home.