• The Heart Of a Grammar Nazi

The Heart Of a Grammar Nazi

I believe in the usage of perfect grammar and this is my story.

I admit that I cannot resist the urge to correct a spelling or a grammatical mistake even in a light-hearted message. Proper use of punctuation, a simple period, a dividing comma, or an expressive exclamation mark, they don’t take a lot of energy to be put at right places but give an unconventional joy to a Grammar Nazi. I believe it is my duty to make it uncomfortable for you when you use “U” instead of “You”. My soul screeches when you do not get the difference between “Their” and “There”, “than” and “then”, “your” and “you’re” even after repeating it for over a thousand times.

It is not easy — it’s a constant war between basic etiquettes and the inner voice which constantly reminds us to point out your errors. We are humans too and we too love sharing stories and drinking together, but we are just like comic characters who have bubbles filled with asterisk and omissions popping up above their head. Even if we decide to let go of your mistake, the bubble remains with us forever as a load to carry on our backs throughout our life. You all see the bad of us, however, we are just optimists who believe the world can be changed. We are the dreamers, believers, and idealists. We work for our little Utopia. We are the harmless happy people if only the brick-opaque ego wall over your nose could be broken by you. The saddest part of being a grammar Nazi is that people take it personally, and get their ego harmed, sometimes to the extent of being unreasonably rebellious and stiff-necked about their exotic and crooked language.
We did not make the rules and you can’t blame a person for playing a fair game,  can you? We did not ask the verbs to be stubborn and the adjectives to be flexible, so ‘Hate the game and not the player’. We too are creatures with heart, it is just that we believe in improvement and that the twisted and progressive joy of saving the language is incredible.
A person who is lazy to use correct grammar is our biggest enemy and we strive to make them see, how their already so wasted time can be productive, if only they use correct words in their daily language. However, it is a cause they never really see.


We, the Grammar sticklers/ Grammar National Socialists (understand Nazis) are your friends. Whenever we attack you, gratitude is unexpected by us, all we expect from you is to correct your mistake for the future and for life.

— -

Oath: We, Grammar Nazis swear to hold the rights of correcting grammar and words to protect our language from idiots who are ‘too lazy to type it’.

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