• The Journey before the curtain falls

The Journey before the curtain falls

Walking With the daily chaos ,

Seldom do i wonder ,

How will be my tomorrow ?

And What is kept for me next ?

I have come this way all alone,

And Maybe miles to go ahead ,

Just thinking who will join me along

To make this journey much beautiful ahead

Standing at the shores i stare

Waving to the ship thats deep in the ocean 

It sailed and sailed into eternity 

And I just stood by the shore for something that never came.

Everything is predictable here

But our life cant be, 

Its happy times with you now ,

And Tomorrow it may not be.

Surrounded by comparison everywhere, 

Life has turned into a competition somehow. 

Besties fighting out to be the best 

No matter to please who all indeed.

Love too has its own ugly side

They will cheat you standing besides

You will believe in their fake smiles

Dancing to the tunes that they recite. 

The Race is turning out to be ugly day by day, 

Money and Power is what all they want, 

Greed has blinded all these people 

No one cares how many tears the plaintiff sheds.

Even now when i switch off the lights to sleep, 

I have a fear deep inside my heart, 

Will i make it to the next day sunshine 

Or will i miss my someone dear.