• The Knife

The Knife

Why on earth must love be so dense?
Newbies like me need it to make sense

I lived in the dark, it took me from my home
And when it left, it left me alone

I used to know things and be certain of them
But now I don't even know who I am

How could my love, an investment so small
Cause so much pain from such a short fall?

We were friends before, and nothing has changed
We see us as one, that's all we've arranged

How could these words, ones I'd valued like dirt
Sell me their meanings and cause so much hurt?

This status was something I'd never cared for
Note to future me: "care for it no more."

Love, the knife, goes in too soft to feel
But when it is ripped out, you can't help but keel.

No doubt about it, I've been given the knife
It and only it can cause me this much strife

I may speak too soon, hilt's not hit my side yet
But if I sit idly, the full blade's what I'll get.