• The Story of How Digital World was established - The Millenial natives

The Story of How Digital World was established - The Millenial natives

Digital natives-The millennials

    Millennials are the demographic cohort who were born in the year 1990 and are the members of Y generation. But what makes them so special is what this write-up illustrates.

    The 'Millennial mask' is a term given to the young generation which exhibits no traces of being polite, diligent or curious. The credits to first use this concept are given to Neil Howe and late William Strauss in the mid 90's. They were the ones who wrote regarding the rising of millennial in 2000 and how the co-operation went between the groups sharing similar attitude and belief. Also known by the name of echo boomer, millennial was the largest generation after their parents.

    The fact that Millennials is the generation that wakes up with a mobile phone and a system in their homes, makes them the most digitized population. It clearly means that this particular generation has failed to understand the value of effective working in areas that are offline as they have the expectation of getting everything on their bed.


    It can also be said that this is the very first generation which was born with the internet in their reach and gadgets in their hands. Without any doubt, it can be said that Millennials have gone dull and lazy as they enjoy the easy lifestyle, freedom of speaking anything senseless in memes and trolls and getting anything in one click. The story of this generation is quite similar to that of a drug addict who gets depressed on quitting the social media life. Moreover, the dependence on the technology where you have absolutely zero footwork has only given them an unhealthy lifestyle and which is where their predecessors won and enjoyed a healthy living. Now, the concept of copy-paste has attained evolution which has made people believe that each and every thing said by them has to be fulfilled.

    "Twenge who authored the 2006 book ‘The Generation’ assigns millennial with signs of tolerance and confidence but also explained the feeling of entitlement and narcissism." This puffed up a feeling of entitlement demands exclusive privileges to the individuals alone that involve the failure to foresee the fundamental right which is enjoyed by others. The self-centered society finds itself happy in their benefits.

    The entire narcissist group has turned self – centered and has no tolerance to wait in line, sharing their same concerns to 5 different people or being addressed as a number. As per the records of nearly half of the Millennials, they find themselves independent and it is also seen that no other generation so far has ever lost itself from the 2-party system. The Millennial hates to read the news now but enjoy the concept of Instant gratification. The youth of Millennial is only interested in luxury, has no or fewer manners and share disgrace towards authority. As per TIME magazine, this youth does not hold any remorse of empathy for their wrong or evil doings. They seem to be possessed with immaturity and fake feeling of power.