• They Are The Women

They Are The Women

"Whats your Dream" here no one asks

A housewife is what you afterall ought to be.
Burying her dreams deep inside her heart ,
She strives for what others have told her to achieve .
They are The Women

Life Full of unsecurities and uncertainities to face
A Path full of Ogling strangers to travel.
What next is awaiting dont they know
Yet Carefull but fearless here they travel.
They are The Women


People travelling Up and Down to moon ,
Technologies upgrading faster than Light.
Yet she being Judged by the shape of Rotis made ,
Nomatter what she even adjusts here
They are The Women .

Many Roles they simulteneously play
But Seldom does someone care.
Always downtrodden into the dark
Yet light they spread wherever they be .
They are The Women

Festivals are all round the year ,
Celebrations that takes place far and near .
Holidays that are to just lazed around
Yet 24 x 7 they work without complaining dear.
They are The Women .

Losses in Life many come ,
And its always your fault everyone say .
Blames and Judgement all by themselves ,
Yet the heavy heart they cheerfully live. 
They are The Women

Binded by shackles and Forbidden by Culture,
So many "If" and "No"s surrounding them.
Whatever they do gets pointing Fingers.
Breaking all those chains Forward do they march.
They are The Women.

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