• Things You Need While Driving

Things You Need While Driving

Hello People, as this is my first article I would like to introduce myself first I am Priyanka and working into Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad. I travel 15kms in morning from my house to office and 15kms in the evening while leaving the office for the home total of 30kms. In this time I notice everything on the road, the people, environment, buildings, houses, Buses, Train, Bike, Birds, Animals and everything that comes in between. 

So while driving my Activa(which is Hayabusa for Girls - Read somewhere ;) ) I notice people minutely.What do you think which are the things you need to carry while driving?

  • License - Oh yes that's must 
  • Helmet - Again Yes, that's a life-saving thing
  • You would say hand gloves, socks, Dupatta for girls, a big handkerchief that can help boys from sunlight.

But what you need the most is Patience and Manners. How? 

Let me explain 

Patience : While there is traffic on roads and everything is jammed you need to have patience "k Bhai traffic clear Hoga, tera bhi number ayega". But what we see is everyone is out of their temper and rush like "k Ab signal kabhi zindagi me khulne hi nai wala

Manners : Please stop blowing horn while you are ideally seating on your vehicle when signal is not opened or blowing horn "Jab kiska vehicle bandh hogaya ho"

Everyone wants to go, no one wants to stay there so chill baba stop blowing horns.

Don't take turn "Jab marzi aya" Start an indicator before . And stop giving look like the other person has done something wrong when he hits your vehicle, you are not the poor puppy one.

Say Sorry when you hit someone by mistake "Loot nai jaaoge agar Sorry bol doge toh"

So guys don't forget to take Thoda Manners and Thoda Patience with you next time while you're driving :) 

Stay Happy and Be Awesome 

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