The tears no longer fall

But I can hear the darkness call

I can feel my skin growing colder

No longer, will I get older.


My heart has taken its last beat

No longer, will I bleed.

My reflection glances back at me

An inhumane beauty I see.


I, forever trapped in a soulless body

I, falling into the abyss of death.

As he said-
"It was meant to be."


Pain no longer affects me

Because of you, I no longer breathe

No longer, can I feel warmth

No longer, can I hear my heart beat.


Your eyes held no remorse

Filled with nothing but greed

Soon as you got what you wanted

My life was gone, left to remain haunted.


Though the years have gone by

From you I still hide.

Though I've finally escaped you-

I'll always fear.


Fear, someday you'll find me.

Fear, I'll sense your presence near.

My love for you has withered.

Dear to me, you are no longer.


From whence you turned me, I became stronger

No longer the prey.

But condemned in the skin of a Hunter.

Beautiful, yet never aging.

Frozen and unchanging.


With no light to shed

I've been left to dwell in eternal darkness

As an immortral-

I am one of the Undead!