• Unexpected Ways to Do Creative Arts and Earn for Teens

Unexpected Ways to Do Creative Arts and Earn for Teens

Are you creative person? Or Are you interested in Art & Crafts? Then, take it easy because I have some great ideas to help to do some creating things in your free time. Basic DIYs are frequently a portion of the cutest, and we discovered a portion of the best instructional exercises around for the best specialities you can offer for benefit. Look at these cool well ordered instructional exercises for entertainment only room stylistic layout, simple DIY blessing thoughts, fun mold extras, school supplies and that's just the beginning. Teenagers will love making and offering these innovative artworks and DIYs.


On the off chance that you have a couple of minutes and three basic materials, at that point you're good to go for the present form 5 Minute DIY! With the assistance of a stretchy versatile hairpin, your most loved neckband can undoubtedly change into another hair extra. In addition, best of all, you can in any case wear it as an accessory as well. I attempted this trap on a bunch of old accessories and even a couple of bits of gold chain and love the way they turned out. Take after the simple strides underneath to make your own!


• Necklace or chain (about 18 inches long)

• Elastic hair tie

• Needle nose pliers



I really love to make my own Keychains! I think you like my tips and it easy to make your own keychain with your different tools, accessories, ornaments and so on. But here I show how to make leather bow keychain.

Materials used:

       faux leather piece

       spray paint in gold (optional)

       keychain ring

       bow template (I found this one on Pinterest but I couldn't find the source, a big thanks to anyone that made it!)

       strong glue


I started to make 2 different shapes of bow with using leather piece. Now, I started to paint with using Gold Spary, if you want to your favourite colours than you can use it.

After paint, hold for 5 to 10 minutes and then you make a different shapes or contrast design and cut it out. Like this

I find best shapes in leather pieces. :) Yuppie... This is the way you should overlay the huge piece. At that point I added some glue to hold it set up.

Presently stick this part to the base part, take the bow focus piece, slide the keychain ring and paste to the back. This is the means by which it should look like when wrapped up.

Now it's done.. You have to make different Keychain with your desire designs.