• Vibrate life.

Vibrate life.

You are alive and that's what makes sense. Dealing with everyday complications and struggling to achieve whatever you want is what every next person is going through.

Everyone is fighting their own battle. But when it comes to yourself somewhere inside you fall down when you fail, you sulk when its not working, you give up on your hopes and loose keen to chase. Everything around seems useless and you find life in vain.

But you know what

You are alive and that makes sense. You have been given this life because you are the only one could handle it to the best. Whatever happens hold some reason, you never know those misfortunes where meant to lead you those desirable fortunes.

You are responsible for your happiness and what comes to you at the end. Some startings may demand great effort or excretion of your limits. But that is what helps you to step up a level up build tough life which is worth living.

Life can be catastrophic, and if it is, it is meant for you because you are the one who can handle it. You choose your thoughts whatever the situation is you choose your perception, you choose your reaction to external forces.

Situations pushes you down, situations break you, circumstances not in hand. But it's you who choose to evolve from it and get the resistivity. Stand up for yourself, stand up for the believe in you.

'Play it like a video game'.

Your cares will fade away, things to worry about will be left behind, moments which are worth will stay with you. Don't play life rash and gluttonous with the intent to be over all , but play it with satisfaction, understanding and in what kinda reaction is required manner. You can keep your way to live easy and simple.

'Vibrate happy life with positive vibes'.

Way up from the world to life.You can make life because you are alive. You are alive and that makes sense.