• Wandering in Negative thoughts...

Wandering in Negative thoughts...

Negative thoughts...aww no one like this, i am damn sure you are also disliking these but still, do we leave it? No. The starting of this article is intentionally negative, because at some points negativity attracts, whether we want to get rid of it. We are living in the world which is full of stress and competition. Well, one thing we must accept that competition is always plays important role in progress or growth of person but-but-but, only if it is a healthy competition. If you go beyond the loyal level of competition, you will surely find yourself surrounding by insecurities and these insecurities are the main cause of negative thoughts. 

 Insecurity is the main cause of negative thoughts. And it is fact that today no one is secure....life is full of uncertainty. at second step what will happen, no one knows. We can't set and save everything every time. So what to do? 

Sometimes we are wandering for the solutions, and solutions are just in front of our eyesight. Yes, this case also applies here. The simple solution of negative thoughts is "TO LEAVE IT". Negative thoughts are no holding you, you are holding those malicious thoughts. 

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