So, Today I'm going to speak on you know kinda Controversial Topic.

Oh! You're a Social Media 'feminist'?.

That's Dope.

But feminism is really this "calling men dog,trash,assholes, etc."?

Does Feminism Teaches you to say sweet things on face and calling " She's A Bitch"  on the back of your so called friend.?

Or Does Feminism means Giving long Speeches on YouTube and seminars and actually not believing or following  either of them speeches.?

You Love A Man,

On the other hand You say "All men are dogs". So, basically you're tagging him also because you said " All men".

So that means You're not dating a man You're dating a dog, Are You Eating food sitting with Trash?

 No, you call him "My Man".

Feminism Had Such A beautiful Definition it just asked for equality and female Empowerment and not any kind of discrimination, right?

So, Where are we going?

Why did we ruined it's meaning?Why criticizing men has become like the motto of Feminism when actually it isn't?

If this is Your So-called feminism, Then I'm Happy to be labeled as Anti-Feminist.