• Where am i safe?

Where am i safe?
Every second morning i wake up to the news of a girl being raped. Most of the time victim is just not RAPED but KILLED and brutally tortured to hide her identity.
Yes, i live in INDIA where people need to find time to talk about things that really matter. Please spare two minutes and give this a read. 
How should i trust any person in this world?
A father rapes his daughter, home servant rapes a little child, brother's friend rapes.., colleague, ex-lover, neighbor, a stalker, a cab driver, a stranger and the list is endless.
Where am i safe? at home, office, road, public transport, college, hotel, pub.
This is no joke but being a girl i have few questions in mind, endless arguments and absolutely NO ANSWERS
How exactly am i expected to behave at public places? With whom should i interact? Should i stop talking to neighbors? Going to parties? Going to work? What should i post on my social media accounts? Where am i allowed to travel and at what time? How long should should my clothes be so that NO ONE is ATTRACTED towards me to RAPE? 
I seriously want an end to these arguments and need a solution so that no girl ever questions WHERE AM I SAFE? 
One more thing this is not MEN v/s WOMEN but SOCIETY v/s RAPISTS.

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