• Why do I write?

Why do I write?

I write to ease my conflicts and feel light like a feather and better after weighty endure.

I write to impound the poise I have that I am the best, who holds words in his head all day and night till he’s filled with dread.

I write to break away from mind-numbing life and get some thoughts on a page exploring new territories that open my mind.

I write to liberate myself from the margins of society and crack the chains of world to create my own.

I write to hear the sounds of happiness, kissing the crimson lips, hugging the hips, seeding the world with what I believe.

I write to express my thoughts which can’t be restricted in my head, as they entreat to widen their legs and run in a wordy world.

I write to untangle my feelings that are dicey, knotted strings with a free potent tug on the end of the lines, being my mesmeric strength of muse.

I write to show everyone as I connect to dissect the wall they have erected, declaring to the world that it is time to break free.

Why do I write…because nothing I can do will ever be full of my beliefs; which hop and lap around my life and tumble about my soul.