• Why do You Need to Be on LinkedIn? Like Right Now

Why do You Need to Be on LinkedIn? Like Right Now

So you are a social media navigator, sailing unto the sea of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat or others. But these are just a wave which you can surf on, eventually; you will get back to the shore. The real use of social network is to have fun, but also to reach effective people who can help you along the way in future.

For example, if you have 10k followers on Twitter, you move to a new city and tweet, I need a flat to rent, please help. If you are lucky, you will find someone who knows some, who has relative which is looking for someone to rent there flat. Now after going thru all connection, how much do you trust the end person? The answer is ZERO.

Forget about renting, you just got fired or you are looking for a job change, will you post that on Facebook, asking for a job? No, you would never. But worry not; there is a social networking site which can help you connect with the right people.  LinkedIn.

Yes, you heard about it, probably have an account on it but forget to use it. Because it’s a totally professional platform, you cannot use it for fun. You only remember it when you need a job or a help. Like every other SMP (social media platform) you need to be active to know who can help you.

LinkedIn is growing faster than before, with physical advertising poster all over the world and creating interesting content. You can become viral from nobody in a matter of days. I have seen people who claim that they have 1 million profile views in less than 1 month.

Expert professional, CEO and great public figure use LinkedIn, Interacting with people. Even to my surprise, I have seen a post from my connections which get noticed by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and comment on it. it shows how active is the CEO himself to welcome new people in the community.

By the number, 467 million people use LinkedIn, now it's far below the use of Twitter or Facebook but they are all legit. Because at one point in the life, you will understand, ok enough fun now time to get serious, we need to earn money too.

Hey don’t listen to me, I am not a pro on LinkedIn yet, but I do have some experience dealing with people.

·         It’s simple; your goal is to reach 500+ connections. Why the golden number 500? Because it doesn’t matter if you have 502 connection or 5, 00,002, LinkedIn will show it as 500+. But it will give you some credit as 500 people trusted you and add you to the there connection.

·         Be professional while interacting, LinkedIn follows the strict rule and don’t give any free pass. New suggestion tool will suggest you to change words if you have use curse or shit like words. They like it to be clean and well mannered.

·         Keep posting and engage with people. Well, this is not a new formula but as you know, you need to be careful when you comment somewhere. If someone has posted that they need a job? Do not comment like, dude look at your face, who would give you a job.

·         Your profile is your resume, you can write all your qualification and projects in it. LinkedIn is the best place to get hired because they have the most number of HR looking for right people.

·         Suppose you have sent your CV for the job, the first thing they do is to check your profile on LinkedIn, how much active you are and what type of content you are publishing. If you are not on LinkedIn, practically you don’t exist.

From my personal experience, you don’t just join LinkedIn as you join on other SMP, you are investing in your future. Trust me, it takes some time but it will help you in future. I am getting leads on my work, I am getting traffic on my blog, I am building a reputation for my name. it’s an ultimate platform which can deliver more than just a follower and connection, but also gives you an unlimited opportunity which you just need to tap in. don’t forget to join me too at Pinakin

Here is an Infographic from "marketingprofs"