• Why do you need a storage box in your bedroom?

Why do you need a storage box in your bedroom?

A bed is the main attraction of your bedroom. Therefore, a bed deals with most of the concerns of the room. Whether it is a master bedroom, a guest room or your kids’ bedroom, you should try to keep the room clean and free of clutter. As you know, a lot of things we need to store in our bedrooms. A wardrobe or a wall cabinet cannot allot sufficient storage spaces for these items. So, why not thinking of installing a storage space underneath your bed? It saves lots of space in your wardrobes and also will make your bedroom look clean. 

Especially, when you have a small and cozy bedroom, making use of extra storage space is a necessity. It’s convenient because under-bed storage can keep less-used things out of sight into a prime storage space. 


Wheeled boxes: A wheeled-box specifically designed to keep your belongings under-bed from the viewer’s sight but easily accessible. You can roll out or roll in the box whenever anything is required. You can keep less-usable textbooks, winter or summer clothes, hobby items, old and unused household items and many more. If you use boxes with lids, it can protect the items from pests and dust. 


Drawers: To get easily accessible storage, buy wheeled drawers as an under-bed storage container. If you have a tight budget, you can redesign your old drawers with an addition of multiple casters to the base. You can use drawers as storage for your kid’s bedroom. You can stock up their hundreds of games, toys and dress-up clothes. Where to store winter blankets and extra pillows? Install one or two drawers underneath the guest’s bed. Stock up extra bedding there. 


Locked boxes: The space under the bed in the master bedroom is the safest place to keep a locked box or a safe. If it’s equipped with wheels, you will get a better outcome. Now it’s possible to store important belongings that you don’t need regularly. For example, personal documents or other valuable papers can be stored here. 


Storage bags: For a change, buy large-sized zipped storage bags to keep occasionally used items underneath your bed. For example, Christmas or New Year decorations, beach equipment, spare blankets, extra pillows and many more these types of items can be stored here. Zipped bags will protect your items from being dirty. 


Photo storage cases: Under-bed storage space is a great option to store old and memorable photographs and albums. As these are not required to access frequently, you can keep them separate. Also, photographs get degraded while stored in your garage, basement or attic. So, if you choose an acid-free storage case, your memories will be secured. 


Shoe organizer: The place under your bed is the perfect place to keep your huge shoe collection. You have lots of options. Starting from wheeled racks to simply divided boxes – choose anything depending on your requirements.


Gift wrap stations: Everyone needs to wrap up gifts after certain intervals but not too frequently. So, you can store your wrapping station in a large storage box. These may include wrapping papers, bows, ribbons, tape, gum, scissors and name cards etc. if you use clear plastic, these items will be out of sight but can easily be found out before an occasion. 


Archival garment boxes: Are you planning to store treasured clothes such as wedding gown, veils, delicate quilts, christening gowns, fancy party dresses etc? Consider buying an archival garment storage box. They will perfectly fit underneath your bed. If you use bedroom storage boxes you can prevent these belongings from getting worse.


Hopefully, this article has provided a clear idea about the different types of storage boxes and their uses. It’s up to you which one to buy and use.

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