• Your Bodyguard.

Your Bodyguard.

To the times when life was not hard

Wanted a doll, so i prayed to lord.

I always held myself responsible for your flaws;

As I promised to be your bodyguard.

From that lil happiness to get kicked by your tiny toes.

To getting enraged if you meddle in my woes.

From rushing behind you to get your ball;

To not giving damn about you because now you're not small.

From letting you play my toys; bcz you're the doll i chose;

To warning you to get your stuffs separated; bcz what if my anger grows.

From sharing a bedsheet bcz we're so close;

To faking a smile, when you asked if m okay? Bcz problems were the daily dose.

From buying you that cricket kit and you bringing my favorite Choco balls;

To serving our own expenses; we started missing each others calls.

From having you to share my silly stories and listening your cricket highlights, even after the match ends;

To not finding you whn needed, grasping d whole world within just a 'Hi' exchanged.

So now you're busy, you've stuffs to do.

I've work and responsibilities too.

But just to let you know;

So what, if you're now tall

I'll be there if you fall.

So what, if life has got some change

The mess i've made; together we'll arrange. No?

I know life goes even if it has chaos involved.

But this is the time; whn things need to be solved.

Come n held me responsible for my flaws.

Because i was the one who promised to be your bodyguard.

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