• A Salesman: Not An Interesting One But You Should Read Once

A Salesman: Not An Interesting One But You Should Read Once

If we have a time, then let's have a look and appreciate at some such colleague/ friends of the society who always live like a positive sign in themselves. It is a matter of a community that is trying to adjust himself/ herself in every way it the society.

Yeah, we are proudly talking about a "Salesman" 

As we all already knows that being a Salesman is as difficult as their job in our country. This reality is the same which cannot hide from anyone that how much a sales person earns in a country like India.

But it's also inspiring to come out of your with a positive form and thinking every day, and they are the first in this race.

Most of us  walk with a thought of how easy the task would be, but it's very difficult task to satisfy a customer with any products. From talk to their behaviour, they have to keep maintain decently in front of them (Customers).

Think about an insurance agent, sales agent who use to smile and move around us.

Like an example; You didn't reach the agency of the Car, from getting the loans of the Car to the delivery of the Car. Smiling in neat and clean clothes in front of you, these things become the definition of their positivity.

And believe us, they're not paid any big amount to keep it all. They are just getting on a small salary as an employment.

And then their personal life and family are all based on the same income. Sometimes there is a day when they fail to give business in the evening, It is unfortunately said that only your results are seen in sales, not hard working. And have to listen scold before going home. 

And forgetting in the morning and their departure with a new zeal and enthusiasm has given a strong definition to the society.


Although, it has been said that sales are the best job in the world. It keeps us mentally active and smooth, and keeps on giving us skills every day.

Salute all the salesman here and I would definitely like to say you can also do the any kind of work best in any field when you are a good salesman!