• Amadeus Platform

Amadeus Platform

TripFro is a leading Amadeus Platform Development Company; we can integrate the Amadeus ticketing booking to provide unique travel software to online travel management companies.  


We are specialized in integrating the Amadeus Booking Software to provide leisure content in a single platform with innovative customer-focused technology to make a real difference to your customers and your business. It provides Real-Time availability, centralized data display with reservations functionality to the global travel industry.  


Our Amadeus Booking System supports its position as a global leader in the travel and tourism business, by determining innovative solutions sets like e power suites, web services, APIs, and other value-added assistance. These solutions help travel players like airlines, airports, search engines, travel agencies, and tour operators, operate and develop the travel experience of many people. You can take the solution you like best for your company.  


Benefits of Amadeus GDS Integration


Amadeus GDS allows a wide variety of features related to showing multiple flights, hotels, car transfer data, price, and booking services.


Can show extensive series of airline/car/hotel deals

Single point of access to the booking management system

Allow integration to airline/car/hotel travel web services

Complete control for inventory and booking management

Set your preferred airline, hotel deals for every inventory


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