Iam a child,

    A girl,   A daughter,  a sister..

May be not yours but somebody's who still prays for me.Who loves me and is waiting for me to be alive.

   Iam a woman, i have mistreated many times but i haven't questioned anyone because we live in a society of equality..

Equality where, when a girl gets assaulted, mistreated, harrassed and finally raped.She has lost her rights of being a human.

I will be victimised,questioned a thousand times for the mistake that i never comitted and that thousand questions from million people makes me feel why din't I die that day?

All in the dark and silence... I ask myself again and again...

My clothes were torn and i was questioned but why not the prepetrator?

My picture was used as poster but why not his?

Many were making debates on how i was alive but were they actually happy?

"I iam girl, a woman who is alive after many torture. I seek justice not debates.I seek help from family, society and law but not judgement on my character"

If anybody stands for justice stand with them without knowing them, without knowing their religion and without any political agenda.

"Biggest loss to any human is a human not Religion."

Iam a girl, Unknown.

               _Anonymous Girl

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