"I'll mess u up bad, remember this", this is not the first person who barked at her like this.
Over a long spell, she's been doing this.

She's gina...She's no police officer, but people know her as an astute person. Her every surmised step is right about a bilker. She says, she's no virtuoso.Nobody knows how does she do it, people often assume it as a natural benevolence.but what do they know.We've known gina since like a decade.Nobody knows her proper background and neither did people think of knowing since people in my town mind our businesses except for her landlord, maybe.

I was a kid back when gina settled here, I remember her as a pale lady with her hair tied up in discipline in her early 20s, her classic brown lipstick and dramatic mascara.She looked lovely yet intimidating.I was always Fascinated by her personality and her oh-so-mysterious, disciplined behaviour. One of her weird habits were putting on some haunting music late at nights specially during weekends. I still wonder what kind of a psychopath would listen to that kind of music—jeez.

Once During a Stormy afternoon of October,the trees were performing ballet, the streets were as silent as an introvert i ran into our district postman. "Hey, i got your mail" he pointed to the pile of envelopes on the backseat of his van.Van because he was on his way home but since he knew the whole town he thought of distributing every mail he had, since it was weekend again.
As my hands were swimming through the ocean of envelopes my eyes struck at an envelope on the name of "Gina Pablo"...out of curiosity i asked the postman if i could take the envelope with me and pass it to gina since we were neighbours.
Little that i didn't know was it could change alot.
You know how a little person gets a candy and they become happy, Well that was me at this moment.In the guidance of my curiosity I opened the envelope..but i could not read it.

Later that night, well midnight, everything was cool, composed and silent. Everyone were in deep sleep, for some reason i was not able to sleep or maybe i didn't want to i was twisting and turning side to side on my bed and making curls on the bedsheet,out of blue i remembered about the envelope, i quickly got up, pulled the half torn envelope out of my tiny bag and sat on the study to read.i was astonished, shiver ran through my spine, it was the matter of just 2 minutes,my curiosity turned to numbness, following was what i read:

Dear Gina,
You get this every year. your past is not what you are now, i hope you are doing better than betraying people 2 at once.Max must be doing fine now,  remember the time you did that and he left you in silence unlike others didn't it killed you a thousand times? Remember how the cursing of people gave you pleasure like it was some kind of weird sex fetish.I hope you no more are doing that to anyone, please help people if they need with your exceptional skills.
You as Habitual Cheater from the Past,

No More Wondering on why she listens to the psychopathically haunting music.

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