Alex opened his eyes, and he found himself in a very scary place which had blood all over the walls, but he felt really weak, and couldn't feel his body, he couldn't gather the strength to get out of the place he shouted, screaming his questions out like where was he and why is it like this. 

All Of Sudden a man appeared to  him. Alex asked The Man but the man didn't say even a word he disappeared. 

Then Alex heard 2 ladies laughing in demonic voice but the voices start to fade away.He couldn't figure out what was going on.The man came and tied him with chains. Alex kept asking the man but he didn't say anything, and again vanished.

Now he could hear a little boy shouting but he was tied on a chair so couldn't move he was again in question mark. 

A Lady was brought there she also had chains all around her body, she was with that man who kept disappearing, he bought her there made her sit there but as soon as the man went she started screaming to let her go all she got in reply was "you're here because of karma so shut up and sit quitely until it's turn."


 Alex was once again confused. Some time went by then the disappearing man appeared and slapped the lady she started crying begging for mercy but the disappearing man took her along with him.


while going from there the lady screamed "if possible save yourself" which left alex clueless.


The disappearing man again came to Alex now he had no strength to talk so he softly asked "what is going on?" 

This time the man told him, "you are dead, that is why you feel no strength or out of body" 

Alex was shocked, he asked "where am i?"

 he said "you're between the layers of life and hell"

"what am i doing here?" Alex asked.

 the man calmly replied " you have commited suicide  and hence you are here" 

And soon Alex had the recollection of the events that led here. Alex was a middle aged man, he had lost his job, his wife was cheating on him, he had no money, he had to vacant the house,he had anxiety because of all these happening but his children kept saying that he was a grown man and couldn't have anxiety, as nobody was trying to understand him he decided to kill himself.


Alex confusingly asked the man "what is it about, why am i here?"  

the man told him that he was there because of the suicide sin and that now you have to decide if you want to go to devil's or to demon and get your life back. 

"what demon?", the guy asked. 


The Man Now with Red And evil eyes said "demon is the one which can gift you your life back but that depends on how your soul tastes if you taste good then he might just put you back to life, if not then his stomach may destroy you like you have never thought."

Alex realized his mistake of giving up so easy & said "okay i'll go to the demon because i need my life back and i did a mistake by committing suicide"


As Soon As Alex Agrees, The man blind folds him and with chains he pulls him to the demon, on the way, Alex could smell human flesh burning candles with scent, walls of human bones, ground of water on which he was walking along with the man, but in real it was all blood and the place smelt like ashes, now he was placed in front of the Demon


He had a very demonous laugh, he said "let's taste you, but before i taste you, you have got to answer my questions"


Alex was in Shock He just Nodded.


"So What Made You do this? was it your wife? were it your children?was it your job? or that you had to vacant your house?" The Demon Asked in very heavy voice


Stutteringly Alex Replied "All of them! all it looked like a bad news i thought i could not handle anything Alex Sighed and continued "or maybe the anxiety made me think that way which led to my suicide"


"hmm...You Want to say something else?" the demon now real calmly asked.


"well yes, whenever a kid/teenager comes to you for the same sin try and listen to him, but when he says that adults don't know what anxiety is...please correct him, becoming adult doesn't means that anxiety leaves you alone, it haunts adults too, so they know what it is and if they are being strict to you that's for your well bein only,, but if it passes a line you need to open up to them." Alex added "i want you to put it out in every child's brain so that they never think they're alone"


"Alright" Said The Demon and...


...and soon Alex could feel demon's teeth and inner mouth flesh, the demon swallowed his soul real quick for some time he felt his stomach, he had a day mare that he'd never get his life back.

But then he felt himself falling from the sky, hitting the stars, tearing the clouds apart, he could hear birds chirping and lion roaring again.


 He was about to open his eyes when the man appeared to him and said "life is a gift brother, you said that for children please keep a note to yourself also better don't do this sin again else next time you'll be burned."


 Finally Alex could open his eyes, he was gifted life.


Side Note: Not Everyone does get, this is for you if you think death is a sweetheart: what if you really be in the layer between the life and hell and get burned in demon's stomach? think about it before self harming, life is precious, anxiety and depression are suffered by half of the world which is not easy, but try to over come


From Somebody who over came this stuff.

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  • Dixita mour Dixita mour says:

    One of the finest post that I read on anxiety and depression, Also I would like to add to this that God is really there to help as well as there is always time to start a new life at a new place from roots then to end life against act of God

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