• Cancel Culture and my thoughts

Cancel Culture and my thoughts

While there has been a series of bizarre trends since the birth of social media and its worldwide use, the one trend having a lot of mixed reactions is the cancel culture.

Just as folks in the olden days were outcasted by society for doing something that was socially unacceptable, the cancel culture “virtually” calls out people and criticizes them for their comments or actions.

Be it Ellen for her toxic behavior towards her employees or JK Rowling for her transphobic comments, celebrities are now being held accountable. 

People now understand that influential celebrities need to watch their actions and filter their comments because the backlash is unpleasant and extremely harmful for their careers. 

The question is - should someone be criticized or bullied incessantly just because you can do it by sitting behind a screen and posing to be anonymous? 

Who really gives people the power to cancel someone?

Isn’t the decision, in the end, a result of a person's personal bias?

Canceling someone is, in my opinion, is someone people do purely on the basis of their liking towards the celebrity. Morals play a very little role if any in deciding that. 

For example, even though David Dobrik was canceled by millions, there is a different set of millions who still love him and support him. 

It is noticeable how easy social media shaming has become and to comprehend the effect it can have on the mental health of the ones being attacked. The question still remains - should one do it just because they can?

With PR companies trying to be trendy by releasing articles with a compilation of “canceled celebs of the year” and hopefully gain traction through it, this is a mere start to something even more toxic.

What do you think?