• COVID - I don’t have money, how can I help?

COVID - I don’t have money, how can I help?

In these uncertain times, the common man thinks to himself - how can I help my country when I cannot contribute by donating? 

The world has been hit horribly by this pandemic, but India, with its uncontrollable population, is suffering a bit more. 

This situation is often made worse by mismanagement, uncivilized lot of the society, and scarcity of resources. 

Here are 5 things you can do, even if you cannot contribute in monetary terms- 

1. Be Careful -  What happens in the scenario where it comes down to “survival of the fittest ''? Will you survive? It is given that the safety of yourself, as well as your loved ones, is in your hands. By going out, you are not just risking yourself but your family members too. This is a time of being considerate of others. Wear 2 masks if necessary, wear gloves if possible and work on increasing your immunity. 

2. Mental Health Check - We are living in a pandemic for god's sake. Humans are bound to experience discomfort when subjected to activities they are not familiar with. Some people are affected by it more than others. It is a requirement to be mentally well during these times. It is advised to keep talking to people, share your feelings, talk your discomforts out and be engaged in things that make you happy!

3. Share COVID-Information- Every individual - be it aged 15 or 50, uses social media. Make the best use of this. Share leads, amplify resources, help people reach potential donors and hospitals. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY SAVING LIVES! If you already do this, never ever stop. Your 1 like/share/retweet may save a life.

4. Be humane to the poor-  This economic crisis is unlike any that we have seen in our lives. We still have some savings that give us a relief that we are not going to starve. Think about the segment of the society that lives hand to mouth. If the hands don’t work, the mouth does not eat. If you can spare 1 or 2 or 5 rupees extra for vendors, workers, maids and such.. Do not bargain. You might fill a stomach.

5. Help the elderly- You might be surprised to know how many old people around you lie alone and do not have anybody to talk to. Imagine someone's only time available to be talking to others is on their walks. Covid is forcing them to be at home. How lonely can one get in such a case? Now imagine you going to check up on them, chatting with them at intervals and giving them a reason to believe that someone still cares for them.  

If you have a chance to be an angel in someone's life, don't miss it.