• Date Night

Date Night

It was a Date night.

He wearing a white shirt and blue Jeans

I'm wearing a red dress 

He couldn't take his eyes off and I couldn't look into his eyes 

In the background a song was playing which had very calm piano music

He asked me to dance and that was the moment I waited for all in my life

He pulls me closer keeping his one hand on my waist and another holding my left hand.

We started moving on the beats and our hearts were beating even more faster.

He is 5'10 and I wore 6 inches heels to reach him.

My cheeks could feel his breaths and he could feel my heart beating faster.

For that moment he stopped and came little closer. My eyes were closed but I could feel his lips touching my lips.

His hands wrapped over my body.

We started kissing.

Like this is the moment a person waits for. This is the moment of love. 


A kiss can lead to so much intensity one can only feel if there is love.

It is where two bodies Express their desires their faith their love.