• Do you keep these important things in mind while researching for vaccination?

Do you keep these important things in mind while researching for vaccination?

It’s been over a year now that vaccination has become a part of our daily conversations. Every now and then, we are reading or watching information about vaccines in different forms. However confusing it may seem but it’s important to learn most of the things about vaccines, especially if you are planning to get one for yourself soon. The first thing to follow is the principle that each of us have to be vaccinated to fight back this disease.

Other important things are:

1. Covishield or Covaxin: 

These are the 2 vaccines that have been approved but we don’t usually get a    choice out of the two. Both of them have satisfactory efficacy rates. They have been traditionally developed and will work to mount an increased antibody response in the body to prevent SARS-COV-2 from attacking in the future.

With the news that Sputnik V has been given an emergency approval, make sure you #KnowYourVaccine before taking this crucial decision of choosing.

2. How does a vaccine work: 

You may not be a doctor or medical student to understand the working of a vaccine, all thanks to the internet? In simple language, we learn so many new things. So, a vaccination teaches the body to recognize new diseases. It stimulates the body to make antibodies against antigens of pathogens. It also primes immune cells to remember the types of antigens that cause infection. That allows for a faster response to the disease in the future.

Vaccines work by exposing you to a safe version of a disease. This can take the form of:

➡ a protein or sugar from the makeup of a pathogen

➡ a dead or inactivated form of a pathogen

➡ a toxoid containing toxin made by a pathogen

➡ a weakened pathogen

When the body responds to the vaccine, it builds an adaptive immune response. This helps equip the body to fight off an actual infection.

Vaccines are usually given by injection. Most vaccines contain two parts. The first is the antigen. This is the piece of the disease your body must learn to recognize. The second is the adjuvant.

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The adjuvant sends a danger signal to your body. It helps your immune system to respond more strongly against the antigen as an infection. This helps you develop immunity.

3. Side effects of vaccine: 

There may or may not be side effects post vaccination depending upon each body. Common side effects include fever, joint aches, tiredness etc.

4. Affordability: 

This is yet another important factor while getting vaccinated. The cost of the vaccine should be decided while keeping in mind the fact that every section of society has the privilege to get vaccinated.

5. New vaccines like Sputnik V getting nod of approval: 

As I mentioned above, Sputnik V has been given approval in India. It is one of the three vaccines in the world with efficacy of over 90%. Sputnik V vaccine demonstrated efficacy of 97.6%, based on the analysis of data on the infection rate of coronavirus among those in Russia vaccinated with both components of Sputnik V. 

All in all, research is important for your personal knowledge but while going for vaccination, you should consult your physician for advice. Medically proven sites are here to help but the final decision should be taken after consulting credited people only. Your life is precious for you and your loved ones as well. 


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