• Engineering - What it really means

Engineering - What it really means

other day , I end up reading a post making fun of engineering, I end up hearing one of friends who are also future engineers making fun of engineering. That`s absolutely okay until you don`t do these stuff seriously. Because I consider engineering as beautiful . It probably works on the third law of newton “how you will treat it ,it will treat you the same”. Being an engineer , you have an opportunity to know the technology behind everything you have been watching since childhood unknowingly how does it operate? why does it operate? who operates this? . okay, so for a while imagine a childhood where you were taught to ask questions about how things operate , and even you develop a thought process to ask questions as such however, you don`t find an environment which can feed your curiosity. I remember when I was in 9th grade studying states of matter(note: I had not access to internet, I was totally relied on teachers and friends for any question I had) I had a question “which state of matter is fire”? and this question was answered in 11th. So, this is engineering. Engineering , more than it`s syllabus how to think on every single thing you encounter in your life, to ask questions , to think of solutions to every weird problems you face, to manage ”jugaads” for variety of things. Basically, it prepares your mind for the rest of your life to face any problems you do have, to manage your decisions analytically.

Engineering introduces you with technology ,the most beautiful part , lets you use your brain for developing new things. It gives you opportunity for asking as many questions as you can and you can have answers of all of them from “How whatsapp , facebook mwchanism works?” to “working mechanism of a.c running in your home”. More than syllabus and course study , engineering is about building network , learning to deal with various types of people , meeting new people , working in teams , asking for help , helping someone , developing your personality and skills in a changing environment . In engineering you will find if you start something to do on your own then believe me you will get various people to help you out in every field from designing to editing and from coding to writing. Apart from that , engineering is a stream which gives you fyll opportunity to pursue your side hustle and make it happen — from filmmaking to startup every thing is possible. So , the main purpose of this blog was to show positive aspects of engineering which I have experienced yet.